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Booster Cables

polar wire arctic superflex blue jumper cablesThe finest Jumper Cables available ANYWHERE!
8, 6, 4, 2, and 1/0 gauge Jumper Cables in Clamp and Harness styles

We make our Jumper Cables exclusively with Arctic Superflex Blue® 100% Copper Double Conductor Cable for unmatched performance. Unlike most booster cables, ours are built hands-on here in the USA, using quality-first construction techniques to produce the most rugged and reliable jumper cables on the market!   More details

making jumper cables video
Watch how our
jumper cables are made!

  • Ideal for automotive, fleet and service applications, commercial and industrial use
  • Built to the highest standards using high quality components
  • Polar Wire booster cables perform reliably in the most extreme environments and deliver more power when you need it most

made in the USA

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