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Booster Cables

polar wire arctic superflex blue jumper cablesThe finest Jumper Cables available ANYWHERE!
8, 6, 4, 2, and 1/0 gauge Jumper Cables in Clamp and Harness styles

We make our Jumper Cables exclusively with Arctic Superflex Blue® 100% Copper Double Conductor Cable for unmatched performance. Unlike most booster cables, ours are built hands-on here in the USA, using quality-first construction techniques to produce the most rugged and reliable jumper cables on the market!   More details

making jumper cables video
Watch how our
jumper cables are made!

  • Ideal for automotive, fleet and service applications, commercial and industrial use
  • Built to the highest standards using high quality components
  • Polar Wire booster cables perform reliably in the most extreme environments and deliver more power when you need it most

made in the USA

download polar wire jumper cable pdfArctic Superflex Blue® Jumper Cables