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polar wire highest quality custom cables and battery cablesPolar Wire customizes cables! We make Custom Cables to order using our premium selection of wire, including ARCTIC ULTRAFLEX BLUE® and ARCTIC SUPERFLEX BLUE® 100% copper fine strand, flexible Arctic grade wire.  

Customize your cables with confidence! We configure cables to meet your specific needs for wire gauge, length, color, and fittings. Choose your cable end terminations from our wide selection of high quality components.

Polar Wire produces individual one-off cables or mass produces thousands to your particular cable requirements.

Our cables are made with industry quality components and processes, with quality checks to ensure you receive the best made cables available. Call now for your quote!

made in the USAPolar Wire Custom Cables LIFETIME Limited WarrantyLIFETIME Limited Warranty

download polar wire battery cable pdf Arctic Ultraflex Blue® Battery Cables