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Our Customers Say

We take great pride in manufacturing top quality wire in the USA, sourcing and supplying well made, reliable products, and treating people right! THANK YOU to all our terrific customers for your wonderful comments!

John K:
“I never expected such good service. they had everything I needed for auto battery terminals. thanks” (5-Star rated Google Review)

Bryce in Shoreline, Washington:
“I rarely do reviews, but I have to say the quality of the jumper cables I just got are excellent. really excited about my purchase having never touched them before, I was a bit nervous buying them online, but they are very high quality and I love how pliable the cable is. They fit easily in the bag, no origami required! Nicely done!” (5-Star rated Google Review)

Chris in South Daytona, Florida:
“I am emailing to tell you that you exceeded my expectations with the quality of both the 1/0 25 foot and the 3/0 30 foot jumper cables that I ordered. The quality of both jumper cables are exceptional, far better than any other product on the market. I will certainly tell others of your extraordinary products.”

Tom in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan:
(On Arctic Superflex Blue wire) “I've been using this wire for a few different uses and it's performed FANTASTIC. I live in the north and do winter recreation hundreds of miles further north and it has held up very well for the last year through much use.”

Kulani in Albuquerque, New Mexico:
“First, these are the only jumper cables one can find in the entire United States that are made out of 100% copper (not that cheap aluminum jumper cables with copper coating). Second, I really like the blue with red line. Third, I actually used them to jump start my Dad's vehicle. They worked amazingly. I did not have to park in a special way because the 20 feet of cable is very helpful and the cables did not over heat like aluminum ones. Fourth, AMERICA!”

Del in Glen Dale, West Virginia:
(On Arctic Ultraflex Blue 12/3 Extension Cord) “Typically terrific Polar Wire product. Heavy duty, unique color for quick ID on job sites where others use big box store brands that tangle, twist, kink, split...while my Polar Wire cord stays supple in every weather condition. Great product. Wish every manufacturer was as dedicated to quality.”

Joe in Columbia, Tennessee:
“These cables, JC-2-25, look great. 2 AWG / 25' long. Cable ends are shrink wrapped and bolted to clamps. Construction is bomb proof. Knowing you are supporting American workers is the best thing. Glad I have them.”

“Great wire, often fast order processing, fast shipping if products ordered are in stock. If cold weather electrical wire is needed this is a good place to buy from.” (5-Star rated Google Review)

Wally, retired airplane mechanic in Lake Tapps, Washington:
“Your stuff is GOOD stuff. Period. Six years ago I rewired the dual parallel group 65 batteries in my 1994 Ranger, then gave the truck to my kid brother. Your wire is still going strong in his Ranger. Polar Wire is the best non-aeronautical wire I've ever used. Period.”

Carl in Incline Village, Nevada:
“My order was just delivered. Thanks again for your excellent service. I consistently get orders from Polar Wire in just a few working days and they usually arrive quicker than orders I place with suppliers in Chicago and further East on the same day.”

Jason in Anchorage, Alaska:
“Love this place, walked in immediately welcomed. Then noticed how organized everything is. Staff super helpful and friendly. Had some wire harnesses made while I waited. Couldn't ask for a better place in Anchorage to get all your wire and connector needs.”
(5-Star rated Google Review)

Paul in Arcata, California:
“Thank you for restoring my faith in American business—it is good to know there are companies like yours still doing business the old fashioned way. I look forward to receiving my new jumper cables.”

Rich in Prospect, Kentucky:
“Have a 1967 Lincoln that needs parts and cables like they made 50 years ago. Heavy duty starter, battery and relays. Got the quality, customer service and attention like they did 50 years ago.... Not a huge dollar order (less than $50 with shipping) but was treated like I was spending thousands. Love this company!!!”

Mark in Anchorage, Alaska:
“That whole crew is solid gold, not to mention their products are superior to any other company in Alaska supplying wire, etc. Highly recommended!”
(4-Star rated Google Review)

YS in Montreal, Quebec:
“The BEST jumper cables period. These cables will not let you down especially when it's -45 degrees Celsius. Amazing customer service by Russell. I have never ever seen this level of professionalism by any other company. They custom made me exactly the cables I wanted. They even give you a lifetime warranty. Way to go guys.”

JD in Oakland County, Michigan:
“Absolutely the best jumper cables I've ever used. I took a chance on a premium set of cables and couldn't be happier with them. They wrap up quick even in the coldest weather, the 20 footer easily reaches any vehicle that I've ever had to assist and I love the compactness of the cables and storage bag. My previous 6 gauge 20 foot cables take on a life of their own in the cold and need to be stored in a duffle bag that takes up a lot of room in my truck relative to your Polar Wire cables. The Polar Wire cables I ordered are a heavier gauge (4 gauge) but wind up easily and hardly take up any space at all in my trunk. A lifetime investment that's worth every dollar to me.”

Mark in Anchorage, Alaska:
“Great for battery accessories!” (5-Star rated Google Review)

Dominic in Silt, Colorado:
“Received my jumper cables today. They are friggin' awesome. Thanks for supplying a great product.”

Bob, in Anchorage, Alaska:
“Your jumper cables are awesome! What I really love about these cables is they're really flexible and they're nice and long. My favorite part is that you can very easily get them back in the bag.”

Martin in Anchorage, Alaska:
“Been shopping here for years. These guys stock the right products for power in Alaska. They know their stuff too.”
(5-Star rated Google Review)

Michael, in Norfolk, Virginia:
“BTW, I have placed a couple of orders recently for spools of Ultraflex 10 AWG and absolutely love the wire. It seems odd and geekish to say that about wire, but I have tried all sorts of brands over 40 years and this is the best I have run across for flexibility, durability and ease of use.”

Bruce in Homer, Alaska:
“All the sales personnel are very knowledgeable about products they sell. It takes a phone call to put in my order and it's in the mail promptly. All products are super quality. I get all my boat wiring supplies from Polar Wire. You guys rock.”

Scott, from Michigan City, Indiana:
“Love love love my jumper cables! Got them yesterday! Thanks again!”

Steve in Easton, Maryland:
“We love Polar Wire! Interestingly, I was talking with my 'Big Boss' today about the value of Polar Wire. I had to do a somewhat comprehensive analysis of your Ultraflex products, I had to explain differences in concentric, bunch concentric, and rope lay concentric conductor strand topologies, differences in insulation/sheathing, mechanical differences in tinned versus non-tinned conductors and pricing variances. Polar Wire was the clear choice!”

Jeremy, working on the North Slope in Alaska:
“The arctic grade 12/3 extension cords are holding up to the arctic condition of the North Slope. Thank you for the quality product.”

Mike in Redding, California:
“Thank you for sending me this info! I love the efficiency of doing business with you and your company, plus the quality of the parts.”

David in Bozeman, Montana:
“No problems at all, the products look great. Thank you!”

John in Anchorage, Alaska
“I have been using Polar Wire for all my electrical and marine electrical needs for a couple of years now, and can tell you that the company has a tremendous inventory of supplies, with knowledgeable staff who take excellent care of customers. 'Nuff said!” (5-Star rated Google Review)

Eric in Anchorage, Alaska
“This place has great service. They made me new custom outboard motor battery cables while I waited. Yamaha wanted $180 for the manufacturers part while the Polar Wire equivalent was less than $50. The cable seemed better quality than the sample that came from my current motor. Picked up some high quality jumper cables while I was there as well (they make those too!)” (5-Star rated Google Review)

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