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Arctic Superflex Blue® Jumper Cables and Systems

Polar Wire's stock and custom jumper cables are made with Arctic Superflex Blue double conductor cablePolar Wire's custom and prebuilt Jumper Cables and Systems are made exclusively with Arctic Superflex Blue® cable for unmatched performance and durability. Our cables are ideal for automotive, fleet or service applications and are proven in the most extreme environments, staying flexible in temperature ranges of ‑67°F to 221°F (‑55°C to 105°C).

Arctic Superflex Blue® Jumper Cables are fitted with solid copper, easily replaceable, continuous duty 400 and 800 amp cable clamps with heat shrink applied at the connection for additional strain relief and corrosion resistance.

Harness-configured cable systems are built with impact-resistant polycarbonate Lexan® power connectors for high physical and dielectrical strength and superior tolerance to extreme cold or heat. Pure silver plated solid copper contacts are securely crimped to cables and heat shrink applied for corrosion resistance. Polar Wire Product's Harness to Harness Booster Cable Configuration Heavy duty connectors are easily mated and lock securely. Quickly convert your harness system as needed with available extra clamp or harness end modules.


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We use Arctic Superflex Blue® double conductor cable exclusively in our superior Jumper Cables and Jumper Cable Systems.

• Stays flexible to -55°C
• 100% COPPER conductors—Absolutely NO ALUMINUM!
• CONSIDERABLY more copper than standard auto jumper cable
• Highly abrasion and chemical resistant wire insulation
• Extruded polarity stripe for safety identification
• The VERY BEST jumper cables available ANYWHERE!

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Clamp to Clamp Jumper CablesClamp to Harness Cable Systems
4 Gauge2 Gauge1/0 Gauge4 Gauge2 Gauge1/0 Gauge
16 ft 20 ft 20 ft 16 ft 16 ft 25 ft
20 ft 25 ft 25 ft 20 ft 20 ft 30 ft
25 ft 25 ft 25 ft

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