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Hydraulic Compression

Hydraulic Compression Tools and Dies. Crimp copper compression lugs and splices or install copper and aluminum connectors and lugs and 2-way connectors with these tough tools. Choose dieless compression with no dies to buy or lose, or manual hydraulic crimper and head dies for wider versatility.

  Hydraulic Compression Tools and Dies


Polar Wire stocks a variety of quality Crimping Tools for many applications, including crimp frames with interchangeable dies, heavy-duty dieless crimpers, nested die ratchet and compound action crimpers, compression crimpers and bench crimpers, and crimp maintenance tools.

  Crimpers and Bench Crimpers


Eclipse® and Ilsco® manual and ratchet Cable Cutters in a range of sizes and grades. Manual Cutter for cable sizes up to 2/0 AWG. Heavy duty cutters handle aluminum and copper cables up to 500 MCM, the ratchet cutter cuts up to 750 MCM cable. High quality steel construction and comfortable, cushioned handles.

  Wire and Cable Cutting Tools

Wire Strippers, Slitters

Paladin® and Eclipse® Cable Strippers cut and strip 20 AWG to 10 AWG round, insulated wire and cable. Rotary Cable Stripper/Slitters strip and slit cable from .18 inch to 1.4 inches diameter.

  Wire and Cable Stripping Tools

Heat Tools

Flameless and open flame Portable Butane Heat Torches. Propane Torch screws directly onto 14 oz and 16 oz propane bottles for installing heat shrink tubing and connectors, soldering electrical connections, and many other applications. Heat Gun with Accessories is ideal for heat shrink, melting adhesives, curing eposy, stripping paint and more.

  Heat Tools and Soldering Supplies


Pre-measured Solder pieces provide the correct amount of solder for each guage of cable connector. Color coded for easy cable size identification. Easy-to-use Solder-It™ Solder Paste is five times stronger than normal solder. Finished joint is bright silver and won't tarnish or blacken.

  Heat Tools and Soldering Supplies


Our drawer satchel and clear Container Storage Systems can be configured and filled with exactly what you need to keep your tools and supplies organized and at hand. 16, 21, 24, and 32 hole drawer satchels are 18 1/2 inches wide by 12 1/2 inches deep and 3 inches high. Large clear storage container is 13.5w x 9d x 2h, and the small clear storage container is 10.75w x 7d x 1.75h.

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