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Stainless Steel Tie 10.2" 200lb corrosn resist 316

Stainless Steel Tie 10.2" 200lb corrosn resist 316

Item #: SST-11-200-316


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Pan-Steel® Self-Locking
AISI 316 Stainless Steel Tie
10.2" Length
100 qty

Panduit part number: MLT2.7S-CP316

Strong, durable bundling and mechanical fastening for indoor, outdoor, and underground applications—including direct burial. Stainless steel ties are designed for use in critical applications where strength, vibration, radiation, weathering, corrosion, and temperature extremes are a factor.

  • AISI 316 stainless steel—withstands the most corrosive environments
  • Standard cross section
  • 200 lbs. loop tensile strength
  • Self-locking head design speeds installation and locks into place at any point on the length of the tie
  • Low thread force for fast installation
  • Highest loop tensile strength in the industry
  • Smooth surfaces and rounded edges assure cable protection and worker safety
  • Operating temp -112°F (-80°C) to 1000°F (538°C)
  • Withstands long-term weather exposure without loss of performance or corrosion
  • Meets and exceeds stringent industry standards
  • UL Listed
  • Outdoor and indoor cable tray bundling
  • Securing instrument tubing to pipe or rail
  • Securing metal shield over pipe insulation
  • Securing CV boots or steering rack boots
  • Securing heat shields on engines
  • Securing electrical or communication cabling to support structures
  • Securing marker or identification tags onto valves, conduit pipe, cable
  • Securing safety signs to fencing outdoors
  • Oil rigs, refineries, industrial facilities, mining
  • Motorcycles, trucks, autos, aircraft, marine vessels
  • Telecommunications, cell towers, aerial support


-80°C to 538°C

SST-11-200-316 Specifications
Length10.2" (259mm)
Width0.18" (4.6mm)
Thickness0.010" (.25mm)
Max Bundle Diameter2.7" (69mm)
Min Bundle Diameter0.50" (12.7mm)
Min Loop Tensile Strength
Per SAE Standard AS23190/3 (formerly MIL)
200 lbs (890 N)

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