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Tin Plated Copper Ferrules ensure reliable connections when terminating conductors, add stability to the conductor ends, and allow repeat connections to be made quickly and without damage to the individual wire stranding. Pre-insulated ferrules are color coded to aid in wire size identification.


Nylon-Insulated Terminals

Solderless Nylon Insulated Terminals are made of tin-plated pure electrolytic copper which is annealed to flow freely under crimping pressure for the best possible connection. Funnel entry design with chamferred barrel, tin-plated brass strain relief sleeve, molded nylon insulating sleeve. Color coded and size stamped.

  Solderless Nylon Insulated Terminals

PermaSeal Terminals

Perma-Seal® All-Weather Heat-Sealable Terminals and Splices are lined with a special adhesive which melts and flows in the heat shrink process, providing an insulated, sealed connection protected from heat, abrasion, water, salt and other corrosive compounds. The NiAc insulation material shrinks up to 40% faster than comparable nylon or polyolefin products.

  Perma-Seal® NiAc Terminals and Splices

Non-Insulated Terminals

Non-insulated Solderless Terminals and Splices are made of tin plated pure electrolytic copper for excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. Brazed barrel will not separate under crimping pressure or operating stress.


Closed-end and Butt Crimp Connectors are used in a wide variety of applications to join or to 'pigtail' two or more wires together, and can be used for dead end splices or to connect one power line with multiple lead offs. Solderless nylon insulated, heat shrink adhesive sealed, and self-soldering heat shrink connector styles.

  Closed End and Butt Connectors

Weather Pack Terminals

Weather Pack Locking Connectors seal out moisture, dust, and dirt. These one- to six-contact nylon connectors are rated from -40°F to 257°F, and up to 16 volts DC and 20 amps. The connector consists of a tower half and male terminal, a shroud half and female terminal, silicon cable seals, and silicon plugs for any unused pin locations.

  Weather Pack Locking Connectors

Metri-Pack Terminals

Metri-Pack Sealed 280 Series Locking Connectors provide an evironmentally sealed and waterproof quick release connection. One-, two-, three-, and five-pole connectors are rated from -40°C to 125°C, and for 30 Amps continuous maximum current. Metri-Pack connectors consist of male and female connector assemblies, TPA locks, male and female terminals, and cable seals. Small overall dimensions, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, standard ISO 2.8mm configuration.

Sealed Metri-Pack Connectors can be used in applications requiring more than the 20 Amp capacity provided with Weather Pack.

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