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Eye to Eye Cables

Eye to Eye Cables are commonly used for grounds, starters, inverters, and batteries. We meticulously build our eye to eye cables with Polar Wire's premium ARCTIC SUPERFLEX BLUE™ cable, fitting them with 3/8-inch tin-plated copper eyelet lugs in negative-to-negative, positive-to-positive, and series (negative-to-positive) configurations.


Polar Wire is Made in the USA  Arctic SuperFlex Blue™ Eye to Eye Cables

Panel Interconnect Cables

Polar Wire prebuilds Solar Panel Interconnection Cables in a variety of lengths and configurations using MC3, MC4, and Tyco Connector Systems for photovoltaics. Our cables allow cost-effective, time-saving, and safe serial and parallel wiring of PV modules for code-compliant building of integrated and free-standing solar installations.


Polar Wire is Made in the USA  PWP Solar Panel Interconnection Cables

Inverter Wiring Cables

Polar Wire builds Inverter Wiring Cables and Kits using UL/CSA listed or recognized components and processes. Our inverter cables are made with premium, ultra-flexible ARCTIC SUPERFLEX BLUE™ wire for fast, easy installation, unbeatable performance, and long life, and fitted with high quality lugs or ferrules. Eyelet cables are finished with heat shrink for corrosion protection and durability.

Polar Wire is Made in the USA  Arctic SuperFlex Blue™ Inverter Cables

Liquidtight Fittings

Liquidtight Conduit and Conduit Fittings protect wiring and electrical connections from mechanical damage and seal out water, salt, chemicals, dirt and other contaminants —ideal for sealing and weatherproofing electrical connections in alternative energy systems. Non-metallic black nylon. Flexible, durable, fast installation.

  Conduit and Conduit Fittings

Other Balance of Systems

PV panels, turbines, inverters, batteries, generators, etc., are only as reliable and efficient as the materials linking them together. We've grouped some of the small parts and components most commonly needed to finish the installation of your alternative energy system in this section.

Polar Wire is Made in the USA  Arctic SuperFlex Blue™ Inverter Cables

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