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Ring Terminals

Perma-Seal® Ring Terminals. The basic tongue type, the ring terminal is the most secure and reliable because it can not be disconnected unless the attaching screw or nut is completely removed. Available ring terminal stud sizes #6 thru 1/2 inch.

  Perma-Seal® NiAc Terminals and Splices

Snap Plugs/Receptacles

Perma-Seal® Snap Plugs and Receptacles provide an all-weather, heat sealed quick disconnect for wire sizes 22-18 and 16-14.

  Perma-Seal® NiAc Terminals and Splices

Quick Disconnects

Perma-Seal® Quick Disconnects in standard and fully insulated styles for wire sizes 22-18, 14-6, and 12-10.

  Perma-Seal® NiAc Terminals and Splices


Perma-Seal® Splices provide strong, supple connections that are heat stable, moisture proof, and impact resistant. Perma-Seal® Splices are smaller and lighter than most comparable wire splices.

  Perma-Seal® NiAc Terminals and Splices

Step Butts

Perma-Seal® Step Down Butt Connectors splice wire sizes 16-14 to 22-18, and 12-10 to 16-14. Provides a reliable, impermeable seal that resists abrasions and cutting and is supple and impact resistant.

  Perma-Seal® NiAc Terminals and Splices

PermaSeal Service Kits

Polar Wire's refillable PermaSeal® Service Kits are a convenient way to keep the small parts you need stocked and ready for use. You'll have the part you need—when you need it. PermaSeal® Service Kits are stocked in three container sizes with a variety of terminals and splices. The largest kit includes crimping tool.

  Polar Wire Products Service Kits

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