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Butt Connectors

Nylon Insulated Butt Connectors feature deformation-resistant nylon insulation material molded to the barrel. Brazed seam will not separate when crimped from any angle. Funnel entry design and translucent nylon insulation allow for easy insertion and inspection of wire connection. Industry standard color-coding. Rated to 600 volts.

  Nylon Insulated Butt Connectors

Wire Pins

Ring Terminals

Nylon Insulated Ring Terminals are made with tin-plated brass support sleeves, funnel entry, and open end terminal design for quick visual inspection. The ring style terminal is the safest and most reliable because it cannot be disconnected unless the screw is completely removed.

  Nylon Insulated Ring Terminals

Snap Spade Terminals

Nylon Insulated Snap Spade Terminals feature a spring-like tongue that snaps around the screw like a quick-disconnect. The snap spade locks the terminal in place until the mounting screw can be tightened down.

  Nylon Insulated Snap Spade Terminals

Block Spade Terminals

Although of a similar tongue shape, Nylon Insulated Block Spade Terminals have longer and flatter sides than spade terminals. Block spades are designed for use in terminal blocks, where their straight sides butt against the block walls, preventing terminal rotation.

  Nylon Insulated Block Spade Terminals

Flanged Spade Terminals

Nylon Insulated Flanged Spade Terminals feature turned up ends, giving this spade more security and reliability. The flanges provide locating and locking actions that speed and simplify installation.

  Nylon Insulated Flanged Spade Terminals

Hook Terminals

Nylon Insulated Hook Terminals combine the security advantage of the ring style terminal with the easy-handling characteristics of the spade.

Quick Disconnects

Nylon Insulated Quick Disconnects. Polar Wire Products carries a complete line of fully insulated male, female, and piggy-back quick disconnects. Precision engineering of these disconnects allows the female terminal to precisely fit into the corresponding male housing, resulting in a fully insulated in-line splice that may be connected and disconnected without damaging the nylon insulation.

  Nylon Insulated Quick Disconnects

Snap Plugs/Receptacles

Nylon Insulated Snap Plugs and Receptacles for wire sizes 22 - 14 AWG with bullet sizes of 0.156 inch and 0.180 inch. Deformation-resistant nylon insulation material is molded onto barrel and is translucent to allow easy inspection of wire connection. Brazed barrel seam will not separate under pressure or operating stress. Funnel entry. Industry standard color-coding. Rated to 600 volts.

  Nylon Insulated Snap Plugs and Receptacles

X and Y Connectors

Nylon Insulated X and Y Connectors join three or four wires. The nylon insulation sleeves are molded to brazed seam barrels and feature flared entry for easier wire insertion. Industry standard color-coding indicates wire range. Rated to 600 volts.

Wire Taps

This tap-and-run Nylon Insulated Wire Tap splice is a fully insulated female disconnect that can be spliced onto a wire and then mated with a fully-, partially-, or non-insulated male quick disconnect, all without stripping, twisting, soldering or the need for special tools. The dual-barb insulation-piercing design ensures reliable contact.

Nylon Insulated Kits

Polar Wire's refillable Nylon Insulated Terminal Service Kits are a convenient way to keep the small parts you need stocked and ready for use. You'll have the part you need—when you need it. Kits in two configurations, stocked with a variety of terminals and splices. The second kit also includes crimping tool and heat shrink.

  Nylon Insulated Terminal Service Kits

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