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Wire and Cable

Polar Wire's premier Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ Single Conductor Wire, Power Cord, Extreme Power Cord, Extension Cords, Cord (Flexible Control Cable), Photovoltaic Wire, Multi-conductor Boat Cable, Trailer Cable, Flexible Building Wire, Type W Portable Power Cable, Type TC Direct Burial Cable, Diesel Locomotive Wire (DLO), Industrial Type G-GC Portable Power Cable,and Arctic SuperFlex Blue™ Dual Conductor Bulk Cable.


Polar Wire is Made in the USA  Polar Wire Products Wire and Cable

Heat Shrink

Pre-cut Heat Shrink Tubing, Heavy Wall Heat Shrink Tubing, Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tubing, Heavy-Duty Repair Sleeves and End Caps

  Heat Shrink

Compression Connectors

One hole, two hole, and blank tang Heavy Duty Copper Compression Terminals and Splices in long and standard barrel configurations, rated for 35KW applications and copper conductors. Deep drawn Plated Copper Eyelet Style Lugs and Splices in 8 AWG to 250 MCM sizes, rated to 600V.

  Heavy Duty Copper Compression Terminals and Splices
  Plated Copper Eyelet Lugs and Splices

Power Connectors

SY® and SP® Power Connectors, Power Poles®, 150 and 400 Amp Single Pin Connectors, AC and DC Connectors, Plugs and Receptacles, and Power Inlets and Covers.

  Power and Industrial Connectors

Mechanical Connectors

Aluminum and Copper Mechanical Lugs and Splicers, Copper Split Bolts, Multi-Tap Connectors, Pin Connectors, E Crimps, and Snapbloc® Modular Connectors and Power Distribution Blocks

  Mechanical Industrial Connectors

Jumper (Booster) Cables

We make our custom and prefabricated Jumper Cables and Jumper Cable Systems exclusively with ARCTIC SUPERFLEX BLUE™ 100% Copper Double Conductor Cable for unmatched performance and durability. Our jumper cables are ideal for automotive, fleet or service applications and will hold up in the most extreme environments. Custom configurations and lengths available.


Polar Wire is Made in the USA  Arctic SuperFlex Blue™ Jumper Cables

Extension Cords

Polar Wire is the exclusive manufacturer of tough, durable ARCTIC ULTRAFLEX BLUE™ Extension Cords designed for superior performance in cold weather applications. Our cords are super flexible, tangle resistant, and roll and stow cleanly. Single, Triple, and Quad outlet configurations, clear molded NEMA 5-15 lit ends.


Polar Wire is Made in the USA  Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ Extension Cords

Battery Cable Fittings

Power Lugs and Splices, Solderless Battery Cable Terminals and Splices, Marine Battery Terminals, Battery Cable Terminal Accessories and Covers.

  Battery Cable Fittings

Solderless Connectors

Ferrules and Ferrule Crimping Tools, Closed End and Butt Connectors, PermaSeal® Heat Shrink Terminals and Splices, Nylon Insulated Terminals and Quick Disconnects, Non-Insulated and Hi-Temp Terminals and Splices, Weatherpack Locking Connectors

  Solderless Crimp Connectors

Circuit Protection

Hi-Amp, Mid-Range, Panel Mount, and ATC Blade-Style Circuit Breakers, Glass, Ceramic, and Blade-Style Fuses, Fuse Panels, Break Apart Fuse Blocks, Fuse Holders

  Circuit Protection

Wire Management

Nylon and Stainless Steel Cable Ties, Cable Tie Tension Tools, Cable Clamps, Cable Tie Mounts, Cable Support, Loom and Loom Installation Tool, Loom Tees and Clips, Braided Sleeving, Rubber Grommets, Bushings, Hole Plugs and Vent Plugs, Liquidtight Conduit and Conduit Fittings, Electrical Tape, Splicing and Sealant Tape

  Wire Management

Solar/Renewable BOS

Prebuilt MC3, MC4, and Tyco Solar Panel Interconnection Cables and Adapters, THHW Bulk Cable, Prebuilt and Custom Eye-to-Eye Cables for Grounds, Starters, Inverters, and Batteries, Inverter Wiring, Liquidtight Conduit and Conduit Fittings

  Custom and Prebuilt Cables

Tools and Accessories

Hydraulic Compression Tools and Dies, Crimp Frames and Dies, Hand-held and Bench Crimpers, Wire and Cable Cutting Tools, Wire and Cable Strippers and Slitters, Heat Tools, Solder Supplies, Storage


Service Kits

Polar Wire's refillable Service Kits are assortments of commonly needed small parts for a wide variety of applications, accessibly packaged in refillable drawer satchels. Stocked in three sizes with products including Heat Shrink, Nylon Insulated and Non-Insulated Solderless Terminals, PermaSeal Terminals, Ferrules, Power Poles and Power Connectors, Weather Pack, Metri Pack, and Duetsch Locking Connectors, Battery Terminals, Lugs, and Boots, Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Cable Ties, Cable Clamps, Hole Plugs, and Rubber Grommets.

  Polar Wire Products Service Kits

Corrosion Control

CorrosionX® penetrating and lubricating corrosion control products including CorrosionX®, CorrosionX® Aviation, CorrosionX® Heavy Duty, RejeX®, CorrosionX<® for Guns, and ReelX®


Blue Sea

Blue Seas Systems manufactures products for electrical systems including Charging Relays, Batter Switches, Busbars, Circuit Breakers, Distribution Panels, Fuse Blocks, Meters, and Switches

Cole Hersee

Relays, Circuit Breakers, Back-Up Switches, Battery Switches, Dimmer, Door, Heater, and Ignition Switches, Knobs and Brackets, Lamp Sockets, Momentary Switches, Oil, Air, and Vacuum Switches, Pilot Lights, Push-Pull Switches, Rotary Switches, Solenoids, Stoplamp Switches, Temperature Senders, Toggle and Rocker Switches, Trailer Connectors, Wiper Switches, and Wiring Accessories

Shop by Brand

Polar Wire carries products by Cole-Hersee, Blue Sea, Marinco, Ilsco, Bussmann, Techflex, 3M, Panduit, Eclipse, Molex, Greenlee, DSG-Canusa, and CorrosionX, as well as it's own premier Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ and Arctic SuperFlex Blue™ wire and cable.

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